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Born in 1962, Robert McAffee is a professional Canadian landscape artist, photographer and traveler.

 This passion has taken me from the North Shore of Lake Superior, to the four corners of Algonquin Park, and from Canada’s Rocky Mountains to the scenic highlands of Quebec’s Gatineau Park.

His interest to paint its dramatic landscapes and share them with the world.

Portraying an intimate vision of the Canadian wilderness that’s alive, brooding and rhythmic.

Against a backdrop of endless northern skies, his canvasses sing with poetic vigour

and blaze with the vibrant colours of nature at it's finest.

With over 35 years’ professional experience, Robert McAffee has earned a reputation as

a leading landscape artist.  Among his proudest achievements: exclusive artist for the CN Tower’s revolving restaurant, 360, with works purchased by visitors from all corners of the globe,

hanging in several major private and corporate collections. 


I want my paintings to be ambassadors for the peace, stillness and beauty of nature

– and the message that it needs to be protected,” says Mr. McAffee.

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