San Diego based painter, trained in Los Angeles, Carini studied at Loyola Marymount

Graduating at the top of his class with numerous honors including Art Scholar of Distinction

Carini returned to his hometown in San Diego in 2006

On the evening of April 27th, 2009, Carini was violently attacked in his University Heights apartment

During the incident, Carini sustained severe life threatening trauma

In the subsequent months, Carini returned to his studio with renewed passion and energy

His new state of mind shows the world through his own eyes

How he's found healing through art

Carni Art Studio

Carni Art Studio

Located in San Diego

Beautiful Accidents

Beautiful Accidents

A Series of Recycled art created from the remnants of Carini’s palettes

Beautiful Accidents

Beautiful Accidents

The series is based upon the Japanese aesthetic concepts of wabi, sabi, and shibui.

Some are from Artists Table Drop Cloth Canvas

Recycled Art

Recycled Art

So they are all simply Beautiful just by Accident - More "Beautiful Accidents" available in the series

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TEL  780-963-9292

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