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Giving Back


Join a Social Environmental Art Movement
Support artists that make a difference & recycle paint!
  •  20% of sales to charity 
  • Buy a painting and you will get the tax receipt
  • Donate cash (every penny goes to supporting artists)
  • Get involved donate time, art or resources to help
  • We provide education to artists at no cost
  • We offer scholarships to build artists careers
  • We fund programs to teach paint recycling

PaletteArtist Brian Rock

Teaching inner city kids Art & How to Recycle Paint 

Read More about Charities We Support
We've raised well over $25000 already.  We welcome inquiries from anyone that would like to partner with our artists in  helping us network and sell art to raise money for your charity.
Teaching Paint Recycling
We've also helped establish several new PaletteArtists in the last couple years since starting this initiative.  Now artist Brian Rock is teaching inner city kids art & how to recycle paint
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